Solving the puzzle of science, medicine and daily life.

Feel better and live more by managing and optimizing lifestyle factors that impact your health.

Our Philosophy

We understand your struggles. Most Americans suffer from or risk developing at least one chronic disorder that saps your quality of life.

You want to feel better, and you’ve probably heard that you can prevent, manage or even reverse these conditions by eating, exercising or sleeping differently.

You’ve probably tried, and maybe had some success. But eventually every plan stops working. Results stagnate, or the plan no longer fits your daily life.

It’s not your fault. The truth is, the impact of lifestyle on your health is highly personalized and can change rapidly, even by the day. What works for one person, may not work for you. And what works for you one day, may not work the next.

Even if you know what will work, another problem remains: How can you execute on a daily basis? You have to figure out meals, snacks, activities, all of this on top of your other daily responsibilities.

Needless to say, this is a complicated puzzle. Putting the pieces together is tough, and help is scarce. Most healthcare providers don't have the time or resources, and most people can't go it alone.

Our mission is to help solve your puzzle. We’ll deliver timely and personalized support from all directions, including family, friends and health care providers. And we’ll empower you to understand and manage your health with simple tools and services that support--not disrupt--your everyday life.

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We're continually innovating new tools and services to make it simpler and easier to manage and optimize lifestyle choices. Check out our current offerings:


LifestyleScripts is a platform that makes it simpler and easier to manage and optimize lifestyle choices. For any lifestyle "script," plan or program, we'll arm you with support to implement, and personalized tools and data to evaluate whether and how it's helping.

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Grub Tracks is a modern day food journal to gain insights and a better understanding of how you're eating and feeling, without all the fuss. It's fast and easy -- less than 90 seconds and a few clicks per day.

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